A scene from "Chasing Ice."
A scene from "Chasing Ice."
To the Catholic Sentinel:

The Sisters of St. Francis Center for Peacemaking, in Clinton, Iowa, celebrated the Feast of St. Francis by showing the film "Chasing Ice." Hundreds of U.S. Catholic parishes, schools and colleges are participating in the nationwide climate awareness campaign, Melting Ice, Mending Creation: A Catholic Approach to Climate Change.

The film will be followed by a facilitated discussion with information on steps citizens can take in response to climate change.   

"Chasing Ice" is the story of one man’s mission to gather undeniable evidence of our changing planet. See more at www.chasingice.com.

Predictions of our warming planet are becoming reality, as people around the world are experiencing increased drought, wildfire, flooding, food and water stresses, disease and population displacement.

Violence and civil unrest increase with rising temperatures and extreme weather. The Sisters of St. Francis believe viewing this movie will help people to better understand the real consequences of global climate change.

We hope this screening will inspire people to make decisions more consciously by reflecting on the consequences of lifestyle choices on human beings and all of creation, especially in light of the new studies.

Sister Anne Martin Phelan
Clinton, Iowa