To the Catholic Sentinel:

The American Library Association released its list of “Most Challenged Books” for 2013.  I have no idea why the ALA is releasing a 2013 list now, but this letter is to tell readers to read whatever they want, regardless of what other people say.

Just because some books may have “offensive” content does not make them bad books.  For example, many good people believe that the classic novel Fahrenheit 451 is “anti-religion.”

Fahrenheit 451 should be taken as a metaphor for why censorship should not be tolerated at all.

When I was approximately eleven years old, I read The Hobbit, like I was crazy for it, much to the annoyance of my peers at the time, the majority of the teachers I had, and the psychologist who believed I was “going off the rails.” 

Ironically, my addiction for The Hobbit led to a connection with another special needs classmate who was also a fan of The Hobbit.

He became my friend, but also this led to a girl who was curious about seeing me reading not only The Hobbit, but also the Harry Potter series.

To close this, not all books are bad.  I am currently reading one of the most controversial novels of all time, Brave New World.

Eric Brown