To the Catholic Sentinel:

Oregon residents undoubtedly would agree that America cannot achieve transformational change without open debate and sound reason. Without God, this open debate and sound reason — and thus real, true hope and change — cannot be obtained.

Even though Portland was named the least-religious city in the U.S. earlier this year, I think most of the rest of Oregon would agree that the “debacle” over reinstating the words “God” and “Jerusalem” into the Democrat platform at this year’s Democrat National Convention was ludicrous, very telling — and very, very sad.

To think that any party can be divided against itself on whether to include God in our daily decision-making is frightening and disturbing.

To journey on in the midst of our nation’s troubles and challenges without God is madness. Without God’s grace and guidance, there can be no progress.

These are tough and dark times for millions of Americans. In these hard times, we have relied less and less on God’s counsel and more on our own understanding. Thus, it’s no wonder our nation is so divided.

True hope and change come by knowing God.

David Hammond
Loveland, Colo.