To the Catholic Sentinel:

This is in response to the letter by Mr. McDermott of Medford: Yes, more than half of Catholics know that, as Americans, we are free to establish any legislation we want with the bottom line being “majority rule.”

As Christians, we also know that Jesus was not a theocrat and did no such thing as use civil government to enforce His teaching.

The only thing Jesus said about  government was pay your taxes.

Jesus told His teachers to “Go Forth” and teach. This would reverse the decay of morals.
I’m glad our clergy do not tell people how to vote.

I do want them to clarify from the pulpit or in classes some tenets of moral theology that would help people form judgments of behavior, like voting, within the concepts of Catholic teaching.

There is no canon law provision that requires Catholics to write their beliefs into civil law.

As for social justice, socialism and Communism, we have always existed along with capitalism in our free society. The first public schools were established to teach people to read so they could read the Bible. And when were the first fire and police departments established by taxpayers? Today we still have co-ops for food, housing, telephone, and employee-owned businesses like Winco.

Cheer up!

Claryce Lauer,