To the Catholic Sentinel:

In 2012, my school started a campaign to deconstruct stereotypes that are associated with race. Halloween costumes that many students at my school viewed as personally offensive due to stereotypical views of various races were targeted.

A campaign I am proposing will be similar but will be an anti-stereotype initiative that will feature a broader spectrum of stereotypes many Catholics view as personally offensive.

Members of many congregations look down on one another through clique-ish behavior, along with gossiping.  Church is a place of tolerance, of worship, and acceptance, not a place of superficial, borderline bullying.

If you feel that you are being looked down upon by fellow parishioners, look for another Catholic parish.

Chances are you will find a welcoming congregation!

If you feel that you are being looked down upon by people who attend church with you, your reply to this letter will be much appreciated.  I also ask that the Catholic Sentinel please email a copy of this letter to Archbishop Alexander Sample and Bishop Peter Smith, not only for their input for this campaign, but also to invite them to my school so I can show them where the idea for this campaign came from.

Eric Brown, Portland