Rick Warren on cover of time.
Rick Warren on cover of time.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

It was an awesome week for the “heart and soul” of Protestant and Catholic communities. There were riveting interviews with both Rick Warren and his wife Kay on CNN and with Pope Francis. Now congregants need to follow what each said about faith and important matters in our society.

This was the Warrens first major interview since their son Matthew’s suicide earlier this year. The two talked about dealing with grief, about the constancy of their faith. They also said they were resolutely for gun control and fixing the country’s mental health treatment.

Pope Francis astonished many when he said that the Catholic Church had “grown obsessed with abortion, gay marriage and contraception.” He criticized the church for “putting dogma before love” and for “prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized.”

He articulated his vision of an inclusive church as a home for all.  If Christians of all branches would love more, help each other unite in ways to make society better, they could take cues from both Pastor Rick and Pope Francis and change the world.

Don Fass