To the Catholic Sentinel:

David Evarts is misinformed about the science of evolution referred to as the theory of natural selection and the science of intelligence design, which has wrongly been called the new theory of creationism. Some evolutionary process in certain species is a scientific fact but not all that is purported is true and provable. Ask yourself why most evolutionists, if not all, are anti-God, anti-Christian and their atheistic assumptions are to be believed. Perhaps out of fear of making more mistakes about the science of origins, the church has not addressed this new science, especially new scientific information in the field of biology.

As a Catholic you cannot believe “in the beginning God” and accept the theory of Darwinian evolution in its entirety. Mr. Evarts wrongly accuses the Discovery Institute in Seattle as a marketing firm and anti-evolution. It is neither. What it promotes is a fresh look at the many questions raised with new discoveries in the sciences. A fair debate with discussions regarding the origin of the species should be promoted by all Christians.

Read Stephen Meyer’s book, Signature in the Cell and his new book, Darwin’s Doubt, and make up your own minds to the validity of the origins of the species and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Mr. Evarts owes the Discovery Institute an apology.

Ron McGarrell
North Bend