To the Catholic Sentinel:

If any Catholic Sentinel readers are having difficulties coming up with ideas on what to do during Lent, here are a few to consider:

On March 5, which is Ash Wednesday, consider volunteering at your nearest Red Cross center.

It shouldn’t matter if you decide to donate blood, help out in a storage facility, or help blood donors stay comfortable; what is important is that you help people. 

Helping people is a great way to start Lent.

On March 21, consider taking part in the Great American Meatout, an annual event for all who participate to try healthy vegetarian foods. 

Ironically, March 21 this year  falls on a Friday, so likely many will view the day of the Meatout as convenient.

For as long as you want during Lent, consider trying vegetarian or vegan foods.
While many Catholics do indeed view vegetarianism and veganism as “sinful,” there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that states that vegetarianism or veganism are indeed “a sin.”

With the movie Noah opening on March 28, consider talking to your parish priest to try and organize a parish movie trip. 

Yes, a parish movie trip seems laughable, but I plan on talking to my own parish priest myself.

Eric Brown