Letter writer says liberals see Pledge of Allegiance as suspect.
Letter writer says liberals see Pledge of Allegiance as suspect.
To the Catholic Sentinel:

Here are a few of the major principles of liberal ideology.

There are no moral absolutes, only moral relativism.  Every individual’s beliefs, values and lifestyles are equal. This ideology supports the orthodoxy of today’s definition of tolerance. To say that something is right or wrong is not being tolerant. This holds true for same sex marriage, an active homosexual life style and those who are “pro-choice.”

The flawed segments of American history are relished and the glorious achievements of our people are minimalized or absent in history books. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is looked at as a slightly xenophobic act.

Multiculturalism and diversity are highly encouraged, resulting in each ethnic group fighting for its own special interest. “America the melting pot” is considered an anachronistic custom. Cultural assimilation is discouraged. There can be no distinction between an illegal and a legal immigrant.

Environmentalism is accepted as a religion as Mother Earth is really who we worship. Humans are subservient to animals and “nature.”

The U.S. Constitution is an “evolving document.” If rare birds are found in the forest, stop logging, put the loggers on welfare.

Jerry Gooley, Salem