Catholic News Service photo
President Obama
Catholic News Service photo
President Obama
To the Catholic Sentinel:

For possibly the first time ever, a sitting American president spoke at an annual national conference of Planned Parenthood.

President Obama is outspoken in favor of the work of Planned Parenthood.

At the end of his speech, Obama said, “God bless you.”

One has to wonder who the God is who Obama worships.

If his God is the one who creates life, why would Obama  ask this God to bless the organization that kills hundreds of thousands of lives each year that God has created?

With your tax dollars, Planned Parenthood is teaching sex education in two Salem high schools. One only needs to look at Planned Parenthood’s website to see the type of sexual behavior its staffers are teaching our children. They go into great detail to explain the many ways a teen can experience sex.

We already have trained teachers in our schools to teach sex education. Why do we allow an organization that promotes sexual activity and kills more unborn children in our country than any other organization to have access to our children?

I hope parents find out what is really going on in the classroom.

Deacon Allen Vandecoevering