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Pope Benedict sends his first tweet.
Catholic News Service
Pope Benedict sends his first tweet.
 For being 85, the Holy Father has been very accepting of the world’s new avenues of communication.

Pope Benedict has started a Twitter account, a Facebook page and now there is a papal application for mobile devices; all to spread news about the church, and promote the message of Jesus Christ.

The pope is a true pioneer of modern day evangelism.

But what Pope Benedict and the church also have in their corner is something that may be missing from the world of social media: conscience and forethought.

Recently, the pope spoke out, saying that social media need to promote more logic, kindness and Christian witness than the customary bluster, star-status and division.
Well said.

Social media continue to grow in popularity and usage. However, little thought is given to their purpose or implication.

Cyber-bullying is rampant, content and discussions are shallow and poorly researched, and our actual physical relationships with other people seem to be suffering.

But the pope has some great advice for folks using social media.

Given that the online world exposes people to a wider range of opinions and beliefs, people need to accept the existence of these other cultures, “be enriched by it” and offer others what “they possess that is good, true and beautiful,” the pope said.

Christians are called to bring truth and values to the whole world — online and off — remembering that it’s ultimately the power of God’s word that touches hearts, not sheer human effort, he said in his message for World Communications Day.

We need to heed this message.