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Palestinian mother and boy at their home in Gaza.
Catholic News Service
Palestinian mother and boy at their home in Gaza.
What a wretched summer this is turning out to be: Gaza civilian casualties, Malaysian Air shoot-down, the drought, Western wildfires. What’s next — locusts?

Please pardon us if we seem somewhat beleaguered. What ever happened to that tritism about dog days of summer?

Let’s start with Gaza. The core of the issue in that violence-wracked part of the world are the demands of two legitimate polities for ownership and control of the same piece of land. All the rest is background noise, even if that is the sound of high explosive artillery rounds blowing up innocent kids on a Gazan beach.

Until the Palestinians and the Israelis can resolve this seemingly impossible ownership issue, there never will be peace in the Mideast.

In the eastern Ukraine, we are being directed to believe that Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists fired a surface to air missile and brought down a civilian airliner with nearly 300 souls aboard.

Can anyone tell us with complete honesty who squeezed the trigger and why? Conventional wisdom suggests the separatists did. Some spooks are holding off judgment, fearing it could be the other side. Heaven only knows at this juncture.

Vladimir Putin is going to be dealing with the consequences of his proxy campaign in Ukraine for the rest of his sorry life.

The proxies he used are the descendants of the feared Cossacks, the ruffians who defeated the Ottoman Turks and anyone else who messed with them. They’re not the type you want to trust with high-end weaponry.

As for the drought and the wildfires, what to say? No one should be  too surprised by these occurrences.

Both have been a long time in coming and likely are becoming the new normal, in weather-speak.

If we can stop the bloodshed, everyone can work on ameliorating the effects of these terrible, natural  (to a point)  phenomena.