An East Portland bar and restaurant deserves recognition.

After a reviewer on the online site Yelp posted a five-star rating for the restaurant last month, the writer also posted comments about getting a girl pregnant and going to Canada for a free abortion. The owner of the restaurant replied, calling the post disrespectful and shameful.

He said he would never tolerate such behavior from workers or even friends.

He then went the next step and decided that, during the month of August, the restaurant would donate two dollars from the sale of one of its menu items to the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. The organization seeks to end abuse against women.

We salute businesses like this one that have a conscience.

Too often, especially through the anonymity of the internet, comments and remarks like these are ignored and allowed to linger.

When confronted with offensive language against women — against children, against the unborn, against all of humanity — how many of us have sat idly by and said nothing?

We are heartened that the dignity of human life was defended in this case. We are inspired by those who are called to speak out for the voiceless.

“From the moment of its conception, life must be guarded with the greatest care,” the Second Vatican Council said.

This stance must manifest itself in our attitudes and thoughts about everyday situations where humans need defending. Speak out!