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New York billboard urges consistency on Democrats.
New York billboard urges consistency on Democrats.

The Oregon Legislature approved two bills near the end of the session, one providing health coverage for immigrant children, the other making sure it’s easy and free to have an abortion. It’s a tragic example of our state’s fundamental illogic.

The leaders of Oregon’s dominant political party are all for protecting vulnerable people — unless they are the most vulnerable of all. In Oregon law, an unborn child is treated as a disease, not a human being. How did this happen?

In the 20th century, some devilishly clever activists began talking about abortion as a women’s rights issue — when it’s really a broader human dignity issue. As the women’s movement moved forward, rightly for the most part, large portions of society swallowed the attached abortion propaganda. Now, unencumbered by science and reason, they fight blindly to preserve shaky assertions.

History will look upon the deception with sorrow and wrath. Already, the younger generation, which did not succumb to the abortion-rights trance, is standing up for life, often citing new science about early human development. A 2015 Public Religion Research Institute survey found that 52 percent of millennials said the label “pro-life” describes them somewhat or very well. Even a 2010 poll commissioned by NARAL Pro-Choice America found that young pro-life voters are more intense about their cause than young voters who favor legal abortion.

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary, especially if you are single or economically disadvantaged. But when it comes down to it, our society cannot choose convenience over a human life, even if some people see it only as a potential life. 

We applaud health coverage for young undocumented immigrants. They need the help. Now we demand the same respect for the utterly distinctive and vulnerable human beings — who have unique DNA just hours after conception.