Welcome to 2014.

We hope to fill your year with news that inspires and informs, highlights Oregon Catholics’ good work, and builds community online and in the pews. What we do, we do for you, our readers.

The Catholic Sentinel has always strived to fill its pages with stories that reflect your faith lives, questions and concerns. However, to do that effectively, we need your help. Without our readers’ tips and feedback, we risk missing important stories in 2014.

Some people may think the Catholic Sentinel is a bustling staff of reporters, photographers, designers, editors and digital specialists.

That’s not the reality at modern newspapers. These days, we are all reporters. We are all photographers. We are all designers, etc. Our advertising staff consists of two people; our news team is four. As a team, we work together to manage the website CatholicSentinel.org, take photos, edit videos, interact with readers, post to social media, proofread, troubleshoot circulation problems, and even help history hunters negotiate our archives.

We love this work, but sometimes it keeps us from our most important job: Finding the news. And what we really don’t love is letting you down.

So this year, keep us in mind when Catholics in your community are doing something interesting. Remember us when you have questions or opinions about current events.  Bring on the story ideas, big and small, as well as your constructive feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you. Email us at [email protected], post story comments or submit ideas at catholicsentinel.org, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter, @CatholicSentnl.