We asked readers a few weeks ago to fill out an online survey to provide us feedback.

Four hundred thirty-eight readers responded with thoughtful, helpful and constructive ideas on what they liked, how we could improve and what the future may hold for the publication and its website.

The content and tone of our editorials was one of your concerns. Several of you asked us to be more “balanced.” Traditionally, an editorial is an opinion piece written by the senior editorial staff or publisher of a newspaper.

The staff determines which issues are important for its readership, picks an opinion about that issue and writes a short piece defending that stance. Letters in response to the editorials are welcome and encouraged, whatever side they take.

One of the aims of our editorials is to generate a broader discussion.

Over the years we’ve learned how you see the Catholic Church in the world and what issues get you going.

We write editorials to help build community, not tear it down. We strive for unity in our Church. We haven’t always done well on that, and will try to do better.

We write editorials to give our readers issues around which to discuss their opinions and experiences. We write editorials to interact with you. We hope you read them for the same reason.