High school students participating in JOIN’s Portland Plunge made at stop at Catholic Charities’ Housing Transitions Program last week (June 22) to prepare and serve breakfast to women receiving services.

The Portland Plunge is a week-long experience sponsored by JOIN and the Archdiocese of Portland that provides high school students exposure to social justice, crime, homelessness, aging, poverty and cultural differences. The program is delivered using a “hands on” approach, as students spend time working with Catholic Charities and other non-profit agencies such as St. Francis Dining Hall, Blanchet House and Sisters of the Road Café.

 “The Plunge is about bridging people who might otherwise not connect and breaking down misconceptions between the two,” said Daniel Perry, who coordinates the plunges. “After the week is over, students see these populations with new eyes: as humans; people who deserve their help and respect.”