University of Portland students saved 23,905 kilowatt hours – an equivalent amount to what four U.S. households consume in a year – and 10,900 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions during the three-week Campus Conservation Nationals competition. The dorms saved $1,673 in energy costs during the competition.

The university’s nine dormitories competed against each other Feb. 15-March 7. Christie Hall, named after a local archbishop, won the $500 prize by cutting its energy use 24.3% from the same three-week period in 2011. Mehling Hall came in second place, with a 21.7% reduction, followed by Villa Maria at 15.7% and Kenna at 10.9%. During the final week of the competition, Christie Hall reduced its energy more than 30% from the same week last year. Students from more than 150 schools across the country competed to reduce energy and water consumption as part of the event.