TIGARD — Many students at St. Anthony School manifest gifts that make this a community of faith, knowledge and service. One example is eighth grader Tony Caruso. These three attributes were nurtured in Tony well before he entered kindergarten in 2005.

“My faith started with my parents” he says. “Being myself means following my parents’ example which started when I was very young. It means being courteous and respectful of others.”  

Sam and Chrissy Caruso taught their son and older daughter Hannah that giving to others must be part of who they are. At Christmas, Tony’s extended family members head for the Willamette’s east bank or under the Morrison Bridge to hand out bags of food and personal items to people who are homeless.

“I walk away wanting to do more and also feel a deeper sense of gratitude for what I have been given,” says Tony.

For four years, Tony has been a member of Beaverton’s “All in One” basketball club.  Chrissy particularly liked this club “because they are heavy into giving back to others.” The team has volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank, spruced up a downtown Portland park and on other occasions picked up trash.  

“Tony is a great kid,” says Michael Johnson, longtime basketball coach. “He is hard working, never negative and well respected by his teammates.”

Tony is an honors student. His favorite subject and passion is history. While on a family trip abroad visiting cathedrals, he was able to provide history on frescos and other works of art.  

“I was blown away and proud of Tony. It enhanced our experience,” says his mother.    Tony is also the family’s go-to kid for computer problems. According to Mark Marcantonio, St. Anthony's technology teacher the boy does not get flustered.

"He is a great problem solver,” Marcantonio says.

His quiet sense of leadership is an asset in group projects – helping other students buckle down and make progress on assigned tasks. His favorite flavors?  Chocolate and vanilla. You can’t get more even keeled than that