Nicky Lenzen
Nicky Lenzen
Last summer was Nicky Lenzen’s first earnest foray into filmmaking, and she’s already earning rave reviews. The St. Mary's Academy sophomore made a short documentary film that won the award for Best Creative Self Expression in the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival’s regional Fresh Film Northwest competition for teens.  

“Do You Believe?” emerged from Project Youth Doc, a four-week summer program that teaches students to engage in creative self-expression through film. Lenzen and her partner chose alien abduction and paranormal investigations as the focus of their 11-minute film.

Lenzen remains skeptical about the subject matter of her documentary, but she approached the topic with as much neutrality as possible.  

“Because of St. Mary's Academy, I am able to look at both sides of a situation," she says. "That skill really helps in filmmaking, and in the future I think my education here will continue to mold and sculpt my views, which will give me the ability to make my films more influential.”

View the award-winning documentary here: