St. Anthony School photo
Ashlie Roth raises her hand in class. The fourth grader has written a poem. 
St. Anthony School photo
Ashlie Roth raises her hand in class. The fourth grader has written a poem. 
TIGARD — Ashlie Roth is a student in Lynette Good’s fifth grade class at St. Anthony Catholic School. Ashlie’s parents enrolled her as a preschooler; brother Payton soon followed.  Ashlie is quiet in nature, respectful, and an excellent student. With her quiet nature, one would not know the heart beneath the exterior unless you are around her like we are here at St. Anthony Catholic School.  A Catholic education means high standards and achievement through a quality education.  More importantly and sometimes not always readily seen are the values that are essential to us as human beings; what we hope to instill in students is the moral compass navigated by Christ and the Gospels.

It was a late Monday morning, second week of December when Ashlie made a visit to the health office. While waiting for her mother to arrive, Ashlie sat silently looking around the room. It was quiet except for the clicking of computer keys and the hum of an air purifier.  Unknown as to why, Ashlie felt a desire to share a story with the health assistant. Sunday evening, Ashlie had trouble falling asleep.  While staring at the ceiling, a poem came to her. Ashlie shared this poem — an example of what flows from the hearts of children -- honest and loving thoughts. It is these spontaneous relevations that truly spur us on and give us renewed faith/courage that we are on the right path. Certainly there are many more stories, instances of students practicing and living their faith; yet, teachers are not always privy to everything our students do that is Christ like.  

Here is Ashlie's poem:

God is my hero forever He will be,
He created the world for my family and me.
He loves us so much and He will forever,
Even though some people may never.
He sent us the Savior,
We should all follow His behavior.
He died and rose again for me and you,
So that means we should love him too.