Christine Trinh
Christine Trinh
Christine Trinh, a senior at De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland, has won third place in a writing contest sponsored by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Christine's piece, called "The Unanswered Prayer," explores the irony of the United States' spending on military ventures abroad while families like hers went hungry:
"The refrigerator is practically empty; a smudge of ketchup is smeared across the side and a package of Kraft processed cheese slices sits on the middle shelf. Tiffany has lost weight; her tiny ribs poke out of her pale chest and her cheeks are no longer round, but gradually slimming towards her face. I kneel next to the window beside my bed and pray for a refrigerator full of vegetables, meat, and milk to feed the hungry stomachs of my siblings and me, but I am interrupted by the blaring sounds of a news channel’s broadcast reporting an attack against the United States’ military abroad. I then realize that my prayers will not be answered. God is preoccupied with a different matter; He needs to save the world from being destroyed by war. This is no piece of fiction; this is reality."

The essay ends with Christine's refusal to allow the consequences of war destroy the lives of those on the margins. She explains how she reaches out to needy people, now that her family is doing better.

The awards were given at a March 31 awards dinner in Portland with nuclear expert Dr. Helen Caldicott as speaker.