St. Ignatius School photo
The eighth grade class from St. Ignatius School
St. Ignatius School photo
The eighth grade class from St. Ignatius School

St. Ignatius School in Southeast Portland is filled with laughter, smiles, and kindness. Faculty and staff make sure their students are active and involved in projects for the community. One of our favorite service projects was going to St. Paul Preschool in sixth grade.

Once a month, half of the class would walk over to the school and spend about an hour and a half playing and communicating with the kids. We would build blocks, color, and just ask them all kinds of questions. One of the cutest things they did was put on a circus for us. They had fun and we really enjoyed it.

Another great memory was when we went to Providence Child Center in seventh grade. We would partner up, pick a friend and hang out for an hour. We would blow bubbles, sing songs, read books and color. We even played basketball once. One of the saddest memories was when one of our friends at the center named Calvin passed away.   

One of the many great memories we have of St. Ignatius School is going to the Ape Caves located on Mount St. Helens. Small groups of about five or six students and two adults or teachers would hike in. It was fun and also a learning experience.
Participating in activities with the kindergarten and first grade is fun because it makes one think back to younger days. We do things like writing to Santa, celebrating holidays, reading and singing. We try to be a positive role model.

Earlier this year, we went to Sauvie’s Island Pumpkin Patch with the first graders from our family groups. When we got there, we listened to the farmer tell stories. He told us about the giant pig, all different kinds of vegetables, and stories about the farm. We especially liked when we learned about the healthy fruits and vegetables. He then took us on a tour of the farm on a big tractor.

Over the years, St. Ignatius teachers have given us lots of opportunities to bond with each other. One of these experiences was our eighth grade retreat at Marylhurst University. We played team building games and talked. Our favorite part was just talking to everybody outside.   

We’re sad to be moving on, but glad to be lucky enough to be a part of the Ignatian family. St. Ignatius has shaped each of us as a person. It gave us many unforgettable memories and we will never forget.

A graduation prayer service is set for 7 p.m. Thursday, June 7 at St. Ignatius Church.

The writers are eighth graders at St. Ignatius School.

Here are the graduates: Miriam Barnes, Mikayla Bilyeu, Breck Butler, Stuart Cansdale, Krishelle Christner, Nicholas Cortese, Ezabelle El-Hajj, Jane English, Stephen Erickson, Jordan Fair, Margot Flynn, Andrew Gross, Erin Hansen, Bradley Harris, Madeleine Johnson, Jordan Kersten, Natalie Lannigan, Caitlin Lee, Trevor O'Neil, Christopher Oden-Orr, Maxwell Schmich, Claire Schwyhart, Luke Sparks, Brandon Wald