TIGARD — In physical education, students in fourth through eighth grade at St. Anthony School were introduced to pickle ball. It’s similar to tennis, but at a different pace, so students are able to advance in hand-eye coordination.

Primary students have been aerobic bowling, which hones underhand throwing while sharpening math skills. All students at St. Anthony Catholic School participate in PE twice a week, which is on top of their class recesses and breaks.

Meanwhile, music teacher Jeanne Havlik instructs each class for an hour every week. By Christmas time, her efforts are manifested through the students’ performance at the school’s annual Christmas program, the spring musical in April and recently performing at St. Anthony’s Specials Fair. The annual fair highlights not only music, but also features the school’s art teacher Karen Cruickshank and student art work, P.E. teacher Julie Sieg, Spanish teacher Licinia Stoian, and technology teacher Mark Marcantonio.