Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin
MEDFORD — The baccalaureate Mass for St. Mary's School here will be held at Sacred Heart Church at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 8. Graduation is set for 7 p.m. Friday, June 10 at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater.

Valedictorian is Nicole Martin and co-salutatorians are Jake Johnson and Alexander Vermie.

St. Mary’s School “graduates students who can use critical thinking and knowledge to navigate with confidence in diverse settings and show compassion to others along the way,” says a document called "Portrait of a Graduate."

Towards that end, St. Mary’s asks its students to fulfill 100 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. The class of 2011 has collectively completed more than 14,000 hours of community service over their four years of high school.  

Service projects have included Habitat for Humanity, the Children’s Festival, Mexico mission trips, St. Vincent de Paul, international medical mission trips, vacation Bible school, TOP Soccer, Tar Wars, Invisible Children, the Southern Oregon Humane Society, to name a few.  

As a culmination of their volunteerism, seniors are asked to write a paper reflecting on their community service.

"Service allows us to learn more about our community and our world," wrote Spencer Anderson. "It allows us to walk in someone else’s shoes, to be touched and to touch the lives of others.”

St. Mary’s hopes its graduates will continue to touch others' lives. Senior Risa Piper said this: "Because St. Mary’s requires students to fulfill a community service commitment, it encourages them to see meaning beyond their own lives and to think about how they can positively influence both their local and global communities in the future.”  

Here are the graduates: Kylee Adderson, Gail Alvarez, Spencer Anderson, Lauren Angel, Jaqueline Armas, Grace Ball, Gina Barbieri, Lindsay Barnum, Jamee Batten, Samantha Bayer, Allegria Berg, Brandi Bigelow, Leif Bowlin, Nicholas Brooks, Robert Buckmister II, Cashel Cain, Gabrielle Carini, Cassandra Carothers, Celeste Cattanach, Jessica Clement, Noah Conway, Emily DeLisle, Rebecca Eccleston, Allona Fiero, Holland Foley, Taylor Freeborn, Joseph Freel, Samantha Fry, Ryan Gasik, Kira Heycke, William Hilton, Evan Hoffman, Thomas Huth, Carlie Irvine, Dane Irving, Jordan Jackson, Jake Johnson, Michael Johnston, Matthew Jorizzo, Maren Killackey, Taewoo Kim, Matthew Kimball, Andrew King, Mackenzie Krieser, Jason Lawrence, Alexander Lewellyn, Li Zhaoyi, Nicole Martin, Derrick Martin, Lindsay McCreedy, Kelsey McGill, William Oursler, Ursula Petersen, Andrew Piper, Risa Piper, Elizabeth Reeder, Emily Reeder, Rachel Rostel, Alexander Ruppe, Maggie Schein, Julio Silva, Alexander Spears, Abigail Steinsiek, Henry Stout, Zoë Templeton, Kate Traister, Domonique Valdez, Reymundo Valdez, Alexander Vermie, Clara Viale, Wang Yijie, Katie Wayman, Jennifer Weiland, Loren Westland, Jo-C Whipple, Jonathan Williamson, Zhou Yang