Regis High School photos
The class of 2011 from Regis High School.
Regis High School photos
The class of 2011 from Regis High School.
STAYTON — When it comes to school loyalty, Regis High enjoys a school community of families whose roots run deep. It is a familiar pattern to see multiple family generations attending the school.

“The loyalty you see here at Regis is remarkable. Each family’s involvement in the Regis community shapes what our school is today,” says Joni Gilles, the principal.
Take the Jon and Jill Heuberger family, for example. Jon’s family has embraced the school since his oldest brother began in 1963, the year Regis opened its doors. Jon is one of seven siblings to attend Regis; Jill is one of four, beginning in 1975. Their son Peter Heuberger is a current senior, his older sister graduated from Regis, his younger sister is a freshman, and his mom and dad both graduated in 1981.

Heuberger’s uncle Don is Regis athletic director and social studies teacher; his dad is a teacher and athletic director at nearby St. Mary Catholic School for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students.

“Can you even begin to count the time, talent and treasure this family has given to Regis?” says Gilles.

Within the senior class of 36 students, 27 have a mom and/or dad, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle who is a Regis alumnus. Regis senior Blake Silbernagel is the fourth sibling in his family to attend. Silbernagel’s father is a 1970 graduate, and his uncles and aunts are Regis graduates, as well.

Senior Tess Schumacher has two siblings who have graduated from Regis before her. Her dad also graduated from the school in 1978 and her mom in 1979. In her dad’s family, six siblings are also Regis alumni. In her mom’s family, five siblings attended Regis.

It doesn’t stop there. Senior Anna Lulay, the fourth of five children to attend Regis, has also continued her family tradition of attending the school. Lulay’s dad graduated from Regis in 1976 and her mom in 1978. Her dad is one of 10 siblings to graduate from Regis. Her mom is one of three siblings to graduate from the school. Now, Anna has a younger brother at St. Mary who will likely come down the street for high school.

In addition to having attended, many families support the school in other ways. In the Van Veen family, while Grandpa Van Veen attended Central Catholic, he is now the Regis High School board chairman. His daughter is a Regis High graduate and Aspire mentor, and his granddaughter Daphne Van Veen is a senior.

These are only a few examples to illustrate the deep commitment that Regis alumni have for their alma mater. Everyone in the 2011 graduating class is planning to attend college. The class has completed more than 3,460 hours of community service.