Returning students discovered some things are new and improved. The year begins with equipped science and technology labs. A matching grant from the Murdock Foundation and fundraising efforts helped create the Father Slider Steuernol Science and Technology Wing.

A combination laboratory/classroom design, the new science lab is fitted with lab stations, learning centers, a wet area, a prep/storage room and an eye wash station. There is plenty of equipment, including microscopes, beakers, lab kits, dissection tools,  and electronic boards, all meant to make hands-on learning engaging and fun.

The improved technology lab has 26 new personal computers to supplement the 25 MacBooks already in use. Interactive overhead projectors, which allow the teacher to display learning activities and information from laptop computers, were installed in each classroom.

“We are committed to integrating technology to our students’ everyday academic lives,” says Jeff Delegato, principal. “This equipment, along with our teacher’s training, will help our staff use technology throughout their curriculum planning and teaching.”

St. Agatha has also revamped a hot lunch program to provide healthier choices to every student. The school’s lunch program is now managed by individuals who have graduated from the Oregon and Chicago Culinary Institutes.