There is a lot happening at Holy Family School.

Science was the focus of the school's in-depth curriculum study for the 2010-'11 school year. The 2010 Iowa Test of Basic Skills revealed that 46 percent of Holy Family students are in the “advanced” quadrant of science portion of ITBS and another 41 percent are in the "proficient” quadrant.

All of the school's students (starting in kindergarten) will be benchmark assessed three times each year to determine areas of strength and areas for growth in reading and math.  The school's special education teacher and principal will continue meeting once per month with grade level teams to review assessment data to identify students who need additional support, determine precisely the areas in need of intervention, and to select appropriate intervention strategies to apply. Classroom teachers will be responsible for administering the first level of interventions, and if there is not adequate growth, the special education teacher will take over.

"Our goal is to do everything we can to have every child at or above grade level in reading and math," Principal Christy Robinson said.

Joining the school's team that is working toward this goal is a new kindergarten teacher, Sarah Dulcich, grew up in the Eastmoreland neighborhood, and attended Cleveland High School and then Oregon State University. She is a member of the Holy Family Parish.