Jaime Arredondo ran a marathon in October. He took on the feat because he was turning 30. He also wanted to raise funds for a scholarship at Marylhurst University. The new award is named after the late Tom Ruhl, who chaired Marylhurst's graduate education department before dying in 2011 of a heart ailment after surgery.

Arredondo met with Ruhl a few months before his death. Ruhl had visited Woodburn and was working on leadership education efforts for Hispanic Oregonians.  

"When I arrived, I was greeted with a warm smile," says Arredondo, who is special projects director for a Woodburn-based leadership institute that opened this summer.  
"We were in his mind those final days," Arredondo says.

A gift from Ruhl's estate has gone to establish a Marylhurst scholarship for children of migrant workers.