Children at Holy Family School in Southeast Portland are preparing for a fair that will allow for the exploration of cultures from around the world. The school is hoping the event will draw neighbors.  

The International Fair is set for 2:15 p.m. Friday, May 31 at the school. There will be displays, crafts, food and live music. There may even be some llamas.

Holy Family sixth graders have been focusing this year on Nicaragua and will create posters and give presentations. A live band will play: “Aquiles Montas y Los Rumberos del Caribe.”

The fair has been ongoing for three years. It grew out of an international day, in which sixth graders hosted and celebrated a single Spanish-speaking country they had been studying through the year. Power Point presentations, posters and speeches ruled the days, along with food brought by Parodi.   

The event evolved to include all the older students. They can create a booth focusing on one country and including a poster, food and handicraft. The student can dress in traditional clothes and some even demonstrate traditional dances.

"The main purpose is to celebrate and embrace the different cultures around the world," says Susana Parodi, the Holy Family Spanish teacher. "We want our students to respect, understand and have empathy for other countries and cultures."