The University of Portland has awarded four more scholarships for the promise of humor. The Brian Doyle Scholarships in Gentle and Sidelong Humor are $3,333.33 per student for one academic year, during which the recipients must create and publicly share a project of some sort that “brings the community together in laughter." John Beckman, a 1942 graduate, began the scholarships last year with his wife Patricia, saying "true humor is a weapon against violence and greed.”

The gifts are named for the editor of Portland Magazine, a man known for wit. 

The first three recipients, last year, were students who devoted themselves to improv comedy, humorous film, and humor on the web. The four recipients of the scholarships for the 2013-'14 year are Katherine Hampl (who will organize a campus comedy week), Sara Jacobs (who plans to bring local children to campus for humorous events), Andrew Stacey (who hopes to start a comic film competition and festival), and Katy Stevens (who plans to make a hilarious promotional video over the course of the year). The scholarships are open to any current or prospective student. There were 66 applications this year.