Christ the King School photos
The eighth grade graduates of Christ the King School.
Christ the King School photos
The eighth grade graduates of Christ the King School.

MILWAUKIE — Graduation comes for 29 Christ the King School students June 3. During their education, the eighth graders learned to focus on faith and serving others, not simply looking out for themselves.

Charlie Vandehey says his parents sent him to Christ the King not for a private education, but for a Catholic education.

"When I was younger, I never liked attending church," he says. "As I matured, I paid attention during Mass. Now, my bond with God is so strong that I want to become a priest and receive the best Catholic education possible."

Vandehey says he felt called to a life of service in the church when a friend asked him about God.

"I told him everything I knew," Vandehey says. "Then a couple of weeks ago, my friend told me that he wanted to be baptized a Christian. I knew I made a difference."

Madelyn Starr says Christ the King has prepared her for success.  

"I learned more than facts and figures because teachers paid special attention to the learning environment," Starr explains. "They made sure that students were encouraged and supported. Besides teaching the curriculum, they taught us to never give up, no matter how daunting the task may seem."

Starr says that values of teamwork and self-confidence will guide her throughout life. Through CYO volleyball, she learned that "no one person makes a team." On speech team, she learned that everyone is afraid of being judged and that made her more confident.

"Serving others and living out Christ’s message is a way of life at Christ the King," Starr says. She served via vacation Bible school, a coin collection and drive to collect three tons of canned food.  

"These values, experiences, and lessons have changed my life for the better, and will guide me as I strive for success in the years ahead," Starr explains. "My Catholic education at has provided me with tools to keep growing academically, socially, and spiritually. I am confident that no matter what my future holds, my experiences at CtK have enabled me to succeed."

Here are the graduates: Corey Amundson, Daniel Berger, Hannah Bergeson, Anna Bornemeier, Kenny Bui,  Suzana Carroll, Makenzie Cook, Lauren Danna, Paul Davis, Sara Dethloff, Joseph Godoy, Parker Healey, Spencer Kelly, Mariah Khorasani, Clark Krahn, Kevin Luyamba, Alexander Peterson, Amira Peterson,    Elisabeth Pinder, Madison Preim, Kelly Shull,  Keeston Smith, Madelyn Starr, Meghan Studdard, Nathan Tamashiro, Charles Vandehey, Elizabeth Van Drimmelen, Bailey Weaver, Reece Wible