St. Clare School photo
The class of 2014 from St. Clare School.
St. Clare School photo
The class of 2014 from St. Clare School.
The 19 eighth-graders at St. Clare School in Southwest Portland soon will join the ranks of alumni at a graduation ceremony set for 7 p.m. Friday, June 6 in the church.  Recently, eighth grade teacher Cathy Kollars asked her class to reflect on their experiences school:
On what they learned the most:

• “…I have learned…the value of a community, and to always try to reach my goals…”

• “The most important thing I learned at St. Clare was that we always have to put others before ourselves….I will always keep this in my heart all throughout high school and my whole life….”

• “At St. Clare School, I learned that my opinions and thoughts are important, and that I should listen to others…..”

“The most important lesson that I have learned at St. Clare is how to be a good human being. I’ve been taught how to be kind, patient, loving and caring.”

• On parting advice for rising eighth graders:

• “..come into the year with an open mind…..The little kids look up to you, act responsibly, and mature……Don’t wait till the last night to do your Social Studies project…..In the end, have fun and get to know your classmates, because next year you are all off on your different paths, and life is going to change very much.”

• “….be confident in yourself, and it’s okay to go against the flow. Don’t make yourself into something you’re not to fit someone else’s expectations, work on making yourself into someone that exceeds your expectations. Be confident in who you are and be kind to yourself…..And, of course, do your homework even when it seems mundane. It pays off later.”

• “….eighth grade is when you learn to be a leader, and to be in solidarity with other people, not just in the school, but in the entire world.”

Here are the graduates: Kenley Borgerson, Ann Brennan, Michael Cosper, Laura Gregoire, Cecilia Hare, Mia Hermann, Chloe Koenen, Grace Kyle, Dylan Lefor, Aimee Lutz, Santo Mallon, Natalie Manlove, Joseph Murche, Claire Noonan, Bridget O’Brien, Reilly Santa, James Ryan, Guy Symonds, Sean Tehan