Central Catholic High School photo
Math Teacher Steve Workman helps senior Tyler Deffebach in study hall at Central Catholic.
Central Catholic High School photo
Math Teacher Steve Workman helps senior Tyler Deffebach in study hall at Central Catholic.
With the implementation of a student support services program, Central Catholic High School is renewing its mission of providing a Catholic education to all who want it.

More than 70 years ago, Archbishop Edward Howard led the campaign to build a high school in the heart of Portland. Archbishop Howard’s goal was to create a place where any young man could receive a Catholic high school education regardless of ability to pay.

Over the years, Central Catholic worked hard to continue making the dreams of Archbishop Howard come true.

When John Harrington, a 1966 graduate, was chosen to serve as president of Central Catholic, one of his goals became the renewal of Archbishop Howard’s vision of making a Catholic education accessible to all. Part of providing an accessible education is making support available for students with heightened academic needs.  

Over the summer, Central Catholic hired Dean Heuberger as new student support services coordinator. That was part of a plan to broaden the base of students the school can serve.

“We look different now than we did in September, and we will look different in June as we put things into place,” says Heuberger.  

Heuberger has been teaching guided studies classes and has been communicating with parents and working with teachers to provide support to individual students.  
John Garrow, the principal and a 1976 graduate, says Central Catholic is in a transitional process to increase services to students who need help with their academic performance.

“We want people of all abilities to think of Central Catholic as a first choice for Catholic education,” said Garrow. “We are trying to find the right level of rigor for advanced students and the right level of support for those who need it.”  

By providing robust support services, Central Catholic hopes to open its doors to students it may not have been able to serve in the past.  

Heuberger and Garrow say all students should have the chance at a Catholic education. Central Catholic has formed a committee to explore additional support options, and will continue to increase the school’s accessibility.

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