Even while the school is sad to see the seniors go, officials are working on making the education better. Central Catholic is making changes to its summer programs to give more students a chance to work electives into their schedules and make up credits without falling behind.

The school is  doubling the number of courses being offered and is changing the style in which the classes are taught. Adding for-credit classes to the summer schedule will also allow students to free up room in their schedules to take electives during the regular school year.

For a number of the courses, a blended learning option is being employed to allow students and families flexibility in their busy summer schedules. The classes that are following the blended learning model will include a mixture of in-class group and individual instruction as well as online instruction which allows students to work individually at their own pace. According to Principal John Garrow, blended learning, “allows students and teachers to utilize time differently and allow students to get an education no matter their summer plans.”

Central Catholic will continue to offer the Summer Scholars program, which allows students to improve their math, English, and study skills, and non-credit classes like Spanish, Japanese, and American Sign Language. New for-credit classes include P.E. and wellness, biology, computer applications, English, Spanish, geometry, theology, and economics. Central Catholic is also offering a class to guide students through the college application process and is hosting classes from Saturday Academy as well as a jazz camp operated by M.U.S.E.

For more information about summer classes at Central Catholic, visit www.centralcatholichigh.org.

Here are the graduates: Alyxandra Abraham, Theodore Acton, Carly Adams, Bryce Ainslie, Daniel Allred, Nicholas Altenhofen, Catherine Anderson, Erin Anderson, Connor Arenz, Cristian Arntson, Jordan Badden, Katie Barron, Natalie Batiste, Benjamin Battilega, Vincent Battilega, Christian Belgrave, Madeline Belgrave, Peter Bergmann, Claire Bernert, Anthony Brink, Nicholas Burke, Keava Campbell, Lucy Carr, Allison Caster, Hannah Claflin, Kristine Clark, Drew Clausen, Chase Cole, Madeline Cook, Tristan Cooper, Alexander Corrado, Alexandra Corwin, Cassidy Coto, Nathan Criswell, Katelyn Cruz, William Curry, Dante Dalla Gasperina, Allison Darne, Samantha Davie, Zechariah Davis, Tylor DeClue, Ryan DeMars, Theresa Dinh, Armani Dirks, Thomas Dugan, Shelby Dunn, David Duong, Brittany Duronslet, Jeret Eby, Giles Edwards, Joseph Egan, Joseph Ell, Hunter Evans, Molly Evered, Kelleher Farrell, Alessandra Fazio, Adeline Flegel, Camille Foster, Charles Fox, Truman Franklin, Hailey Frilot, Theresa Galati, Zachary Garrow, Ryan Giskaas, Marco Gonzalez Yañez, Blake Gratton, Kisanet Habtegiorgis, Conner Hall, Gabriel Happ-Shine, Meghan Harkins, Isabelle Harrington, Elinor Harrison, Jackson Henry, Meredith Hickey, Peyton Hill, Nancy Ho, Thomas Hoang, Connor Humphreys, Melissa Huynh, Nicholas Jamison, Anna Johnson, Kristina Jones, Benjamin Kallen, Georgios Kapellakis, Nicole Kardas, Maria Kassapakis, Katherine Kehoe, Justine Keller, Joseph Kelley, Jaida Kelly, Nicholas Kennedy, Sabeth Kennedy, Sami Khouri, Hannah Koback, Emily Kootnekoff, Madelaine Landers, Brody Larson, Olivia Larson, Gerick Latham, Alayna Lawson, Anhthu Le, Jacob Lear, Elizabeth Lehman, Stephen Lei, Michaela Linton, Polly Lisicak, Kelsey Littell, Jared Malone, Donovan Manning, Megan Manning, Molly Martin, Lauren Mayes, Nicholas Mcallister, Lauren McCartney, Ian Mcdougall, Jonathan Mcfarland, Catherine Miller, Grant Mishler, Emalee Moore, McKenzie Moran, Emily Moreland, Ryan Nall, Aj Newman, Danh Nguyen, Vivian Nguyen, Sela Nixon, John Nizich, Annalise Norling, Luke O'Connor, Kaileen O'Hara, Liam O'Malley, Kelley O'Toole, Holden Oglesbee, Bailey Oswald, Christopher Palmer, Connor Pelton, Nora Pinder, Xavier Pinder, Anna Puetz, Derek Reed, Justin Reed, Taylor Reichner-Stickel, Angelo Reyes, Sean Rogers, Claire Rompa, William Rowley, Matthew Rubio, Aurelia Ruiz-Hernandez, Garrett Rutherford, Jake Ryan, Gagandeep Samra, Noah Sanchez, Philip Schlotfeldt, Brooklyn Sciborski, Jeffrey Seidl, Joseph Sorensen, Koratney Speidel, Austen Stevens, Analese Steverson-Pugh, Robert Strasdin, Brandon Tester, Kyle Thompson, Quinn Toyooka, Andrew Ustach, Madison Vecchi, Jeffrey Vinson, Benjamin Volker, Noah Warila, Vernon Warren, Aaron Washington, Deniesha Washington, Anne Weigel, Jack Weigel, Bailey Whitehurst, Emily Wieck, Aidan Wilder, Valerie Wille, Matthew Williams, Kelsey Wilson, Nikki Wong, Noelle Zuelke