St. Cecilia School photo by Tony Halford
Eighth graders from St. Cecilia in Beaverton.
St. Cecilia School photo by Tony Halford
Eighth graders from St. Cecilia in Beaverton.
BEAVERTON — As graduation nears, eighth graders at St. Cecilia School here say they appreciate the benefits of a Catholic education in preparation for high school and life in general. A survey shows the graduates overwhelmingly value faith, knowledge gained, the caring and dedicated teaching staff, real world life skills challenged and learned, friendships and community.  

"The way of God is to serve one another," said eighth grader Matthew Gerig. "The opportunity to serve the church makes one feel satisfied by the Holy Spirit. For one is not just ready for high school, but ready for the way of God."

Madeline Cusick said, "My faith has made me a better person. I know I can always look to God for strength when I need it."

Catherine Powell explained that she has become "a responsible, organized and educated person who understands and is aware of who I am and my fellow classmates, all of whom have God present and active inside of them."

Carter Powers says that "the idea that faith and hope can be used not only in your belief, but also in your education towards reaching goals, is so important."

Michelle Escobar thanks teachers for challenging her and being role models to become more kind and humble to others.

"St. Cecilia School has prepared me for the long run in life," Zachary Quinonez says. "I have been given the tools to succeed and I have!"

Hannah Brown is a family group leader and big buddy. She values those opportunities to work with others.

Ollie Philips sums it up this way: "St. Cecilia was definitely the best school experience of my life."

A graduation Mass is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, June 11, at St. Cecilia Church.

Here are the graduates: Alex Baird, Katie Larson, John Barkhurst, Jack Bevis, Elizabeth Brown, Anne Marie Martin, Hannah Brown, Kevin McCarthy, Carly Burkhartsmeyer, Allison McCoy, Isabel Caudillo, Logan Perkins, Frida Cota, Oliver Philips, Madeline Cusick, Catherine Powell, Michael Droessler, Carter Powers, Michelle Escobar, Zachary Quinonez, Brandon Eyer, Colleen Rooney, Joseph Fulitano, Brodey Sajal, Matthew Gerig, Alexander Shiroma, Allison Hickey, Mariel Shoemaker, Cameron Isaac, Christian Silva, Olivia Jackson