Students from Blanchet School in Salem consistently score higher than state and national averages on both the SAT and the ACT. The class of 2012 scored, on average, a 26.2 on the ACT compared to the state average of 21.4. The class exceeded the state and national average scores on the SAT with a 523 Reading, 576 Math and 523 Writing compared to the state 521, 523 and 498 respectively and the corresponding national scores of 496, 514 and 488. Ninety-five percent of Blanchet seniors take the SAT and 30 percent take the ACT.

Blanchet English teachers Kasey Roberts and Eileen Virden work to prepare students for the exams. Students practice vocabulary words and argument analysis in class. “Most important,” says Virden, “I try to calm their anxiety about the test and help them keep it in perspective.”