Blanchet School photo
The class of 2014 from Blanchet Catholic School.
Blanchet School photo
The class of 2014 from Blanchet Catholic School.
SALEM — Blanchet Catholic School bids farewell to 58 seniors next month. A baccalaureate is set for 7 p.m. Friday, June 6, at Blanchet. Commencement begins at noon Saturday, June 7, also at the school, 4373 Market St. NE.

Valedictorians are Colleen Coen, David Leonardo, Soo Yon (Sarah) Kim and Malvika Ramesh. Madeline North is salutatorian.

Blessing. Faith. Spiritual Sustenance. Valuable.

These are some of the words Blanchet seniors use to describe what Catholic education has meant to them. Many of the seniors have gone through 12 years of learning at a Catholic school, and several students say they want to pursue higher learning at a Catholic college or university.  

Here are some of their thoughts:

“Catholic education has given me a faith-based education where I am encouraged to grow in my relation with God and walk on this journey with Him,” said Taylor Wolf.
“Catholic education has given me the opportunity to explore my faith and expand my general knowledge simultaneously,” Coen said.

“It is a privilege to learn and grow as a young man in an environment where I am challenged physically, mentally and morally,” Mitchell Woodry said.

“Catholic education has been a true blessing in my life. I have been able to grow both academically and spiritually, which has truly helped me as I have grown in the person I am,” said Ashley Scanlan.

“Having a Catholic education has really helped me grow in my faith and learn how to love God more,” said Sheila Limas.

“It has given me great insight into how those of the Catholic faith live everyday life, as well as an understanding of the foundation of Catholic faith,” said Quinn Duvall.
“It has taught me the importance of serving others and how much it not only impacts others’ lives but mine as well,” said Kat Carey.

“It is where I can balance my academics and faith, to discover what’s important in my life and define my values, without fear of judgment,” said Kim.  

“Catholic education has provided me with a multitude of connections and resources to have at my disposal for the rest of my life,” said Aubrey Ruiz.

“It has meant to me that the Lord can shine through to all aspects of my life and help me to succeed in all that I do,” said Jake Handran.

Here are the graduates: Alee Banuelos, Emerson Bartch, Sierra Bassett, Thomas Bay, Marius Becker, Nicholas Becker, Katherine Carey, Dongwon Choi, Colleen Coen, Mitchell Coleman, Patrick Counts, Quinn Duvall, Gregor Falk, Mason Fessler, Chuyi Gao, Naomi Guerrero, Kexin Guo, Harley Ha’i, Linda Han, Jacob Handran, Trevor Howard, Alexandria Jordan, Anmolpreet Kaur, Lauren Kessel, Soo Kim, David Leonardo, Jeffrey Lieder, Sheila Limas dela Cruz, Haiwen Liu, Saul Lopez, Ashley del Carmen Mendez, Yayuan Mo, Jacob Myers, Madeline North, Anthony Orlandini, Bretton Ostby, Siwon Park, Malvika Ramesh, Alicia Romero-Rosillo, Aubrey Ruiz, Kyle Ruiz, Stacey Ruiz, Bryce Santibanez, Ashley Scanlan, Matthew Schnurbusch, Connor Schumock, Amelia Seifer, Michael Sullivan, Connor Thompson, Kara Van Zandt, Zixuan Wang, Shea White-Toney, Robert Willburn, Charles Wiseman, Taylor Wolf, Mitchell Woodry, Shiyuan Zhang