The graduates from St. Paul School.
The graduates from St. Paul School.

ST. PAUL — Four eighth graders graduate from St. Paul School on a date to be determined at St. Paul Church.  

Here’s something that is certain: eighth grader Casey Novak is a science whiz.  
Students from St. Paul took part in a school science fair in February. The seventh and eighth grade projects were displayed and judged by three outside judges who are involved in science. Judges picked the project that would be placed in the larger statewide science fair. The honor went to Casey’s Yeast Stamina Strain project, which consequently was awarded Best of Category in Microbiology at the 2014 Intel Northwest Science Expo. That fair drew 600 projects from all over the state.

Casey’s project has also been nominated for the BroadCom Masters Competition.  
Here are the graduates: Casey Novak, Haley Scott, Alexis Goughnour, Dessa Coleman