Holy Cross School photos
The class of 2014 from Holy Cross School.
Holy Cross School photos
The class of 2014 from Holy Cross School.
Holy Cross School in North Portland bids farewell to the class of 2014 during a graduation ceremony set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 10, in the school hall.

Eighth graders have completed community service projects throughout their careers at Holy Cross. In addition to service and academic pursuits, Holy Cross eighth graders have paid attention to matters of justice and of the spirit.

One day this spring, the junior high students made the short walk to the University of Portland’s Chapel of Christ the Teacher for a presentation on prayer using images.
Karen Eifler, an education professor at the university, used copies of the illustrated St. John’s Bible, created at St. John’s University in Minnesota. Artists sought to create accompanying drawings to draw out the modern meaning of ancient scriptures.

The Holy Cross students prayed over Donald Jackson’s Valley of the Dry Bones, which accompanies passages from the prophet Ezekiel. The drawing includes images evoking the Holocaust, the Rwanda genocide and a beat up car signifying scars to the environment.

“You and your imagination, your heart, your mind, enter into the picture in front of you,” Eifler told the students, who remained silent for long periods. “Allow yourself to be embraced by the silence.”

Even amid the gloomy drawing, Jackson included small pieces of silver or gold paint to signify that God is present even amid tragedy.

Since it was Easter season, Eifler gave each student a small chocolate and explained the Jewish tradition of offering students honey before they engage scripture, the idea being that God’s word is sweet and nourishing.

The trip was part of an effort to build up the prayer and faith experience of Holy Cross students, who also attend weekly Masses with Father Mark Bachmeier, the pastor.
Here are the graduates: Kylie Smith, Caitlin Briare, Dakota Kelly, Isaac Martin, Zoe Worrell, Shareace Miller,  Hailee Ryan, Amanda James, Emma Kuffner, Sarygh Dalton, Anthony Martin, Sydney Caleen, Madeleine Maresh, Lexie Peterson, Wendy Palafox-Arceo, Christian Gomez, Miguel Diaz De Leon, Kobe Stout,  Nathan Compton, Felix Songolo, Jose Ortiz-Angeles, Belanna Winborne, Michaela Pinto