‘Landmark of Sacrifice,’ by artist Michael Gibbons.
‘Landmark of Sacrifice,’ by artist Michael Gibbons.

NEWPORT — Michael Gibbons, a member of Sacred Heart parish, had his work chosen for the annual “Expressions of Faith in Art” gallery exhibition held at St. Joseph Church in Salem.

One of Gibbons’ pieces, “Landmark of Sacrifice” is a view of Tumacacori Mission, now a national park located in Carmen, Ariz., 12 miles from the Nogales, Mexico, border.
“Even though it is a ruin, the real presence is still there in the prayer soaked stones,” Gibbons said about the mission.

Gibbons was granted the access to the park during off hours to create the piece “alla prima,” an oil painting technique where layers of wet paint are applied before previous layers have dried.

“I especially sensed the redemptive spirit, the heart and soul of the once consecrated ground,” he said. “In more recent years a lightning strike cleared the view once obscured by the missing half of the tree.”