Sarah Baird-Reed
Sarah Baird-Reed

EUGENE — The values of Marist High School here attracted two teachers who joined the faculty this fall.

“My realm of friends opened up when I came to Marist," says Sarah Baird-Reed, a 2002 graduate of Marist who was part of a military family that moved often. "I realized that it was possible to be friends with other people and to be part of different groups that I would have never considered."

As a student, Baird-Reed found herself changed.

"I felt I actually belonged somewhere," she says. "It was such a profoundly powerful experience that it shaped who I was and am. I still do volunteer work. I still stay connected. I still think of some of the values I learned — respect, service, and dignity — and realize that those continue to shape decisions I make. It has been my mission in the last few years as an educator to come back to Marist.”

Baird-Reed will be teaching English and leading a class for students who need more academic support. She holds bachelor's and master of education degrees from the University of Oregon. She is certified to teach AP and College Now courses.  

Beth Keech joins Marist with more than 15 years of classroom experience and will teach Spanish. Early in her career she learned the value of teaching in a tight-knit community that is enlivened by a family spirit. After relocating to Eugene a decade ago, Keech has been searching for such an environment. Discovering Marist’s excellence in academics, its faith-based community, and its motto “We Are One” from John 17:22-23, she jumped at the chance to teach when it became available.

The interview process and recent staff retreat confirmed what she hoped — that Marist could be a place she could call home.  

“I am a firm believer in God’s will in helping to lead us in life," Keech says. "In my heart and soul I felt the call to be a part of the Marist community.”

Keech earned bachelor's degrees in both education and Spanish from Villanova University and a master’s degree in Spanish from Middlebury College.