Holy Cross School photo by Amanda Louie
The class of 2013 from Holy Cross School
Holy Cross School photo by Amanda Louie
The class of 2013 from Holy Cross School
The class of 2013 from Holy Cross was the school's first to carry out a yearlong capstone project, which included a year of Christian service, plus a paper and PowerPoint presentation reflecting on the experience. Students did everything from care for abandoned dogs to visit elderly people.

Eighth graders also made regular trips throughout the year to Blanchet House, where they helped feed homeless Portlanders. Many students were members of the school choir, which sang at an assisted living center, among other places. They also took part in a school science fair, an old tradition just revived.

"It is amazing to see how these students have matured into such wonderful young men and women," says Julie Johnson, principal. "They are a close knit group who support each other regularly and laugh often. They have also grown in their Christian faith and supported the various projects seriously and wholeheartedly. These students have truly become representatives of Christ in the world."

A baccalaureate Mass is set for 8:30 a.m. Friday, June 7. Graduation ceremonies are slated for 7 p.m., June 10, in the school hall.

Students, many of whom have been at Holy Cross since kindergarten, have a wide variety of memories.

Several reminisce about making friends on the first day of kindergarten. A boy who arrived in fifth grade remembers being welcomed with open hands while two girls who came in seventh grade said every one was willing to help and play with them.

One boy recalls a seventh grade Greek-themed party that accompanied study of ancient Greece. One boy happily recollects when his artwork was chosen as the school mascot while a girl remembers with joy when students created a mock periodic table in science class with elements like Quackazil and Wobble.

They recall recess games like "One Bounce" and "Grounders," the latter having been banned when one student fell off the monkey bars. One girl called to mind kindergarten, when friends taught her to jump rope. One game the girls played then involved placing a necklace on a painted line on the playground and following lines to come upon the treasure.

A group of boys fondly remembers fourth grade when they would build with Legos during recess on rainy days. The created gigantic houses and ships.

Other fond recollections include Outdoor School, with its songs, games, and information on nature, plus winning a game console in a raffle and earning a nickname.   

Another girl thinks of the day in second grade when she was asked to retrieve a bandage from the teacher's desk. When she returned with a jumbo-sized Band-Aid, the whole class got a severe case of the giggles for some reason that is still not entirely clear.