JUNCTION CITY — Maxine Pearl Banks died Nov. 2. She was 87.

Mrs. Banks was born Oct. 12, 1926, to Ethel and Phillip Heer in Elmo, Kan. She dropped out of school in ninth grade after her mother died to help raise her siblings. She moved to Eugene in 1954.

She married James Banks in 1958. They lived in Eugene for 12 years, Florence for five years, and then moved to Junction City. They also spent time in Phoenix, Ariz., and Las Vegas for several years, but moved permanently to Junction City in 2004.

Early in her career, she bought a restaurant on Hwy 99 in Eugene, known as the Tie-up Café. She spent most of her life working either in her own business or with her husband in their several businesses.

She is survived by a son, James Max Banks; stepson, Donnie; sister, Phyllis; and two brothers: Donnie and Jimmy. She is survived by her husband of 55 years, James; daughter, Patty Banks-Thompson; son Fred (Jill) Banks; six grandchildren; stepson, Randy Banks, Eugene; sister, Joann Houseman, Derby, Kan.; and two sisters in Eugene.

A funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Helen Church in Junction City.