Carol Wachter
Carol Wachter
Carol Wachter, well versed in the Catholic Youth Organization and its activities, joined the CYO/Camp Howard executive board in 2006, and from the beginning she made an impact on the organization. She brought experience from the trenches, having served as a coach and athletic director at St. Thomas More CYO Club.  

Low key and unassuming, Wachter has an uncanny way of being available to both CYO officials and the children she has coached, supported and encouraged through the years. Tim, her husband, is also very present, coaching, cheering and supporting his wife in her involvement with CYO. They make a great team. Their oldest daughter began in CYO in 2000.

Wachter was an assistant basketball coach from 2006 until 2009 and has served as a track volunteer since 2006.

A senior manager at Deloitte Tax LLP, Wachter is a CPA who works with high net worth households. She helps CYO/Camp Howard in matters financial. For annual audit reports, auditor procedures and financial processes, Carol Wachter is there to assist as needed or give advice and suggestions.

The CYO/Camp Howard staff considers her a tremendous asset and source of assistance.
Wachter was a local school/parish volunteer with CYO in 2001 when the organization reorganized the various school/parish programs into CYO clubs administered by the CYO office. The groups were required to form local boards, sign club bylaws and separate themselves from the parish and school. Each club became responsible for raising funds for club activities.  

A decade later in 2011, CYO continues to find ways to streamline the process and Wachter has led the organization through financial adjustment. Wachter is highly respected among her peers, intelligent, involved and enthusiastic.

"The staff at CYO are hard-working, dedicated and a very collegial group," Wachter says. "In addition, we are blessed with board members who are knowledgeable and offer great insight to CYO matters."

Wacher says the "positive atmosphere" of CYO sports and Camp Howard is "very refreshing."