This year's prospects for La Salle Prep swimming are promising. There are many seasoned, quality juniors and seniors, combined with a large and talented group of new swimmers. Many of the new swimmers have a competitive swimming background through their involvement with CYO and USA Swimming clubs. The numbers have grown to more than fifty swimmers, and as a result, La Salle will field the largest team in many years.

"This group may represent the best team La Salle has put together for some time," says Mark Lee, head coach. "Since we have just begun the season, we will have to wait and see what improvements we can make, and what other schools will produce. Swimming is currently experiencing a resurgence in numbers, and we look forward to some great competition within our District and at States. We will do our best to represent ourselves by working very hard on improving the technical end through dedicated stroke improvement work, mixed with fiendishly hard workouts, and a lot of fun."