Page from the 1953 Catholic Sentinel.
Page from the 1953 Catholic Sentinel.
Camp Howard, named for Archbishop Edward Howard, who served from 1926-’66, got its start from a donation by the Horton family after they read an article in the Catholic Sentinel about the desire of Catholic Charities to have a Catholic youth camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Horton, who lived on Cougar Mountain between Corbett and Sandy, had no children of their own to inherit their tree farm, so they contacted Archbishop Howard about donating 160 acres of their property.

It was determined early on in the development of the camp that Camp Howard would be a space for youth of all walks of life, backgrounds and religious affiliations, according to Sister Krista von Borstel, executive director.

“The camp has been a haven of fun for youth through the ages, and it is the goal of the board and staff to make sure this dream lives on in the future generations of youth,” she said.

When the donation was announced in a 1953 issue of the Catholic Sentinel, the organization was a subsidiary of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Of the camp’s current 245 acres, 70 of which are used for camping and the other 170 is planted with Douglas firs for the purpose of harvesting, to sustain the camp. 

All current forest practices are followed in the management of the camp.  Camp Howard received the Clackamas County Tree Farmers of the Year Award in 2006.