CYO photos
Mia Middleton digs deep for the finish.
CYO photos
Mia Middleton digs deep for the finish.

Once more we have come to the end of a terrific CYO Track and Field season, ending with with two, very large championship meets.

One for the youngest age group, the Roadrunners, comprised of the 3rd and 4th graders, and a full-blown qualifying meet, the Meet of Champions, for 5th -8th graders.  The weather was cooperative except on the second day for MOC.  An hour-long delay occurred because of the thunder storm, however we were able to complete the event and hand out all the awards.

This year the Roadrunner’s championship meet was held at the newly remodeled La Salle Catholic College Preparatory track on Saturday, May 10th. There were just over 600 athletes competing in events that ranged from 60 meters in the 4x60 Shuttle Relay, to the 1500 Meter Run. Competition also included three field events with the Long Jump, Shot Put, and Turbo Javelin.

Success for the CYO sports program is measured in how much fun the contestants had during the competition. Judging by the smiles that flowed from athletes, coaches, and proud parents, the meet was a definite success! In all there were 3 meet records broken, two coming from Aaron Jones from the St. Pius X team. The third record being set by the St. Pius X, Boys  4x100M Relay team. The total team award also went to St. Pius X. With 65 members at the meet, St. Pius X took a commanding lead in total points. The top 5 teams were: St. Pius X (214.5 points), Our Lady of the Lake (59 points), Valley Catholic (57 points), Cathedral (49 points), and Christ the King (49 points).

The second meet, the Meet of Champions, was held at Jesuit High School. This outstanding facility has been host to CYO’s largest meet for a number of years. With just short of 1,000 athletes participating, this meet has become a showcase for the Portland area’s best up-and-coming new talent in the track and field community for youth runners. The impact of the CYO Track & Field program is even evident with the meet officials that help run the meet are a veritable who’s who from the area’s best high school track and field athletes. One being John Nizich from Central Catholic, holding the nation’s top mark in the Mens Javelin for High School during this current year!  What was exciting is that he got to give an award to his younger brother Joe, who broke his CYO record in the turbo javelin.

Overall team winners (top 5) were: St. Pius X (281 points), St. Thomas More (220.5 points), St. Matthew (164 points), Our Lady of the Lake (161.5 points), and The Madeleine (117 points). The top performers for the meet, resulting in record breaking performances: The first 3 races of the meet, the 3000m run resulted in 3 records: Cub Girls with Mia Middleton-Holy Trinity, Cub Boys with Steven Rowland-St. Anthony, and Cadet Girls with Makenna Schumacher-St. Thomas More. The 3000m run awards were handed out by a very special guest presenter, Olympic medalist Shalane Flanagan, our top US distance runner for the last 10 years. She holds the American record times in the 3000m, 5000m, 10,000m and 15k road race. Records were also broken in the Cub Boys 1500m run by Steven Rowland-St. Anthony, Cadet Girls 1500m run by Kelly Makin-St. Pius X, Cadet Girls 4x100m relay by Cathedral.
The top 3 teams for each division were:

Cub (5th & 6th grade): Girls; Our Lady of the Lake (55 points), St. John Fisher (52 points), and Holy Trinity (50 points). Boys; Our Lady of the Lake (85.5 points), St. Thomas More (83.5 points), and St. John the Apostle (57.5 points).

Cadet (7th & 8th grade): Girls; St. Pius X (105 points), Cathedral (73.5 points), and St. Thomas More (70 points).  Boys; St. Pius X (111 points), The Madeleine (60 points), and St. Matthew (54 points).

A big thank you to all those who helped make this a wonderful season.  We definitely couldn’t do it without you!  For full team score information visit the CYO website at

The writer is CYO track director.