For many years CYO has offered high school basketball. To some, that comes as a surprise.  

Basketball is a very popular sport among youths of all ages and continues to grow each year among high- schoolers. It’s for youth who do not participate for their own high school teams. Most CYO teams consist of 10 players made up of classmates, friends and neighbors.

Teammates have a great time each weekend in a competitive, fun and safe environment. Like all CYO sports, each game begins with the CYO prayer and pre-sport event statement.  

During the 2012-’13 season, the majority of games took place at The Hoop in Beaverton. More than 600 players assembled at The Hoop each Sunday to play in 30 different games. It is remarkable to see all of the CYO black and white jerseys in motion.

There was an overwhelming turnout for the girls program this year, officials say. They hope it continues to grow.

The season consists of seven regular games with an optional game on Super Bowl Sunday. There is also a championship tournament at the end of the season.

More than 33 teams participated in the end of season tournament last year. First and second place teams are awarded trophies and medals after the championship game.