CYO/Camp Howard is operated by a team of highly organized individuals who want to help one another be successful. Each staff member knows that when his or her sport or program is in session, he or she has the backing of the rest of the team. This might include stuffing envelopes, setting up tents at Camp Howard, attending a basketball meeting to hand out envelopes to coaches or a hundred other things.

It’s “all hands on deck” at championship time as well and sport directors know they have the assistance of each of the team to carry out the necessary help to get the job done well at tournament time. The organization strives to be a well oiled machine and it's the staff that makes it happen.

• Randy Cannon — Recently retired CYO Volleyball and Basketball Director, Randy has moved to a shorter work day and will be helping Sister Krista von Borstel and MaryAnn Stewart on the annual Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner to support CYO/Camp Howard. Randy has been a CYO sport director for 10 years and looks forward to a change of pace at CYO.

• Jolie Abraham Phanton — Director of Communication for CYO/Camp Howard, Jolie has a pulse of the organization and is a key force in the operation of the sport programs. Her friendly manner and professional skills make her appreciated by both staff and customers.

• Ally Hood — Ally oversees the business office at CYO/Camp Howard, not an easy task given the complexity of the organization and club oversight. Her keen mind and eye for detail make her a natural for this position where she continues to study and grow in her gifts.

• Emily Dorney — Director of Lacrosse and Camp Office Director, Emily brings a willingness to learn new things as she put the first Lacrosse program together for CYO and brings years of camp experience to Camp Howard.

• Juliette Friel — After serving in the CYO office for a year, Juliette moved into the vacated Football Director position after Dana Wheeler and her husband moved to Oklahoma. She is off and running with the program signing up new players every day as football approaches quickly.

• Karen von Borstel — Facility Manager at Camp Howard, Karen brings a wealth of agricultural knowledge and know-how to the camp from her days as a youth on the family farm. The fields and facilities have never looked so good as they do under her supervision.

• Kathy Laskowski — Having served as a CYO coach, athletic director, commission member and rules and compliance officer, Kathy is a perfect choice to take over the CYO volleyball and basketball programs.

• Mark Lee — Director of CYO Swimming and Track and Field, Mark brings not only a deep knowledge of both sports but the technology needed to operate the complex timing and scoring programs that accompany them.

• MaryAnn Stewart — CYO Dances, CYO Championship publications, Champions of Faith Benefit dinner and Camp Howard Registrar duties are all executed by MaryAnn, who exemplifies excellent customer service skills and diligence in all areas of her work.

• Stacey Leffler — Rules and compliance facilitation and eligibilty oversight are two of the most demanding processes at CYO. They are two areas Stacey will work on this year in addition to insurance and coach certification.